C.Solar power Division;

C1) We are in the business of design and installation of full solar plants for more than five years ; have already commissioned more than 200 solar power plants across North India. We can do the site feasibility studies, the array string design of panels, DC/AC cabling required..and of course the safety parameters essential for running a solar power plant. We also offer complete monitoring of the generation and  upkeep of the plant; our strength and expertise is on Roof Top solar plants.

C2)  We are associated with Thea Energy Prvate Ltd, a leading technology company in the solar industry. Thea range of Grid tied string invertors is one of the leading brands in the country and is known for reliability.

We are also associated with  KACO New Energy GmbH, Germany to sell and support their  range of On- Grid String Solar Inverters in the higher capacities..beyond 90Kva..in India thru their international distributor Galileo Solar GmbH. Kaco is a world  leader in String Inverters and are known for innovation and quality. We have already installed thousands of their Inverters in India over the last 3-4 years.

C3. The whole world is focused towards reducing energy consumption to take care of Global warming. We are in the business of Energy Audits and conservation. We monitor energy consumption of an establishment and design solutions of enegy savings thru generating Solar power and using energy efficiency devices and equipment like solar lights etc…