B1).  Repairs, Maintenance and AMCs of UPS Systems.

We offer repairs and maintenance under AMC agreements for all makes of UPS systems..We have a full fledged partner service network spread across the country offering all kinds of services wherever needed. We are a strong team of about 350 power engineers always ready to support anywhere in the country. We would be servicing about a 1000 Key Customers having hundreds of offices spread across the country PIC: AMC

B2) Power/Energy Consumption Audits, monitoring and Saving Solutions.

  • Bench marking of energy consumption of the entire infrastructure alongwith monitoring.
  • Energy conservation and saving solutions.
  • Evaluating energy efficient alternatives.
  • Payback period calculations and recommendations.


B3) Maintenance  of Battery Banks

We have a country wide network of service partners and a team of about 350 engineers and give regular support, repairs  and maintenance services for UPS Systems, battery banks, electrical panels other equipments of the electrical infrastructure…Special battery Bank check ups including PIC: battery-monitoring-system

  • Internal ohmic values measurement (AC resistance) through special meters.
  • Battery voltage measurement
  • Data management

B4)Electric safety and thermographic studies.

  • Power quality Audit. ( actual load electrical parameter measurement)
  • Identify and differentiate internal problems from those due to power quality.
  • Review of wires/cables terminations tightness with thermography
  • Suggest corrective measures
  • Thermographic Inspections to check:
  • Loose/deteriorated connections
  • Overloads
  • Open circuits
  • Inductive heating
  • Defective equipment or parts    PIC: TS

Electric Safety Checks: PIC: BMS

  • Assessment of the complete electrical distribution system.
  • Assessment of connected load vis-à-vis sanctioned load / contract demand.
  • Assessment of electricity bills for the penalties imposed by the power supply agency for exceeding contract demand, delayed payment charges and non-maintenance of power factor etc.
  • Assessment of quality of electrical safety and protective systems like Main switches, MCCBs, MCBs, ELCBs/RCBs, Isolators etc.
  • Assessment of insulation resistance, oil testing, and earth pit resistance record etc.
  • Assessment of earthing system.
  • Assessment of quality of electrical wiring practices, switchgears used.
  • Assessment of branch safety gadgets.
  • Assessment of UPS/Battery, hub/servers for safety and proper location.
  • Assessment of energy consumption vis-à-vis connected load
  • Assessment of lighting arrangement.

B5)  Power Harmonics and power factor studies of the entire facility and also of the equipment installed; also offer solutions to correct the same. PIC: PCABS

We have special equipment and the expertice to study the power factor and harmonics of any facility and work out solutions to control the same.

B6)  Complete Maintenance of Electric Panels and electictric infrastructure.

We take yearly contracts to maintain the entire electric infrastructure be it panels, Switches, UPS systems, filters on both comprehensive and non comprehensive bases. Also offer 24/7 manpower support for continuous support and monitoring. Customers can also opt for periodic safety inspections of the entire facility in the package of services.

B7) Providing of UPS Systems and battery banks on Rental and Lease arrangements. We offer both refurbished and fresh stock of UPS systems and battery banks on rental or long term lease bases backed up by 24/7 support across the country.