• A.Power Product Division


  • A1 UPS Systems and Battery Banks We have been associated with Emerson/Vertiv for about twenty  years now..We would have installed more than 10000  On Line UPS systems with an active customer base of more than 2000. The products that we have are:
    • Line Interactive Range in 600VA and 1000Va with minimal battery back up.
    • We have an online range of UPSs in 1,2 and 3 Kva category both with internal battery back up of 10 minutes and with longer battery back up of upto 4 hours.
    • We offer a mini range of UPSs of capacities 6,10 and 20 Kva with options of internal isolation transformers both in single phase and three phase options..
    • We have an ITA series of hitech UPS systems in the range of 6 to 40 Kva..
    • Hiplulse U series of UPS range with internal isolation transformers essentially meant for industrial applications.
    • EXM modular series of UPSs in the capacities of 60KVA plus
    • APM modular series in UPS frames of 100KVA, 150 KVA, 300KVA etc…


  • A2. Battery Banks for Power Back up.

    We have a long association with Amaron and have been selling Quanta range of batteries for UPS Systems. PIC: MfB

    • We have complete range of 12V SMF Lead Acid batteries in the capacities of 7AH to 200Ah of makes like Amaron, Exide, Rocket HBL etc..primarily for UPS applications.
    • We also deal in 2V range of both VRLA and tubular range of batteries for UPSs, telecom applications, DC power supplies, power plants etc…the range starts from 100AH and goes upto about 3000AH.
    • We also deal in 12V tubular battery banks for high end inverter and solar applications of brands like Exide, Amaron, Luminous etc…
    • We also deal in Lithiom Ion Batteries which is the future in Storage applications considering long life, faster charging and space saving advantages.


  • A3)  Design, Fabrication and installation of electrical panel/s of any establishment.

    Electric cabling design and laying etc…PIC: electric-panels

    We have the expertise of the design and implementation of the entire electric infra of any establishment be it an office, industry, institution etc..We deal in the design and fabrication of electric panels, smart energy monitoring sols, ATS, Powerfactor filters, PLCs, and the entire cabling infrastructure.


  • A4)  We offer services for planning and implementation of the entire IT, electrical and mechanical equipment requirements for a data centre..and subsequent monitoring services also. We are involved in putting up the entire passive network  of a data centre..like
    • Network Cabling
    • Redundant UPS Systems and Battery Banks
    • Electric Panels and cabling
    • Precision Airconditioning
    • Access Control and CCTV systems
    • Fire Alarm and Control Systems


  • A5) Isolation transformers for all critical IT installations both in Copper and aluminium  of  all capacities. PIC: isolation-transformer

    Isolation transformers are required at critical sites to ensure continuous and clean power. It avoids system breakdowns because of neutral failures and also filters DC ripples besides providing electric isolation between the load/application and the supply.


  • A6) We offer Servo Stabilisers to take care of low and varying input voltages supplies; range from 1 Kva to 500 Kva. PIC: servo-stabilizers

    OSPL range of servo stabilisers provide stable power to critical applications where voltage variations in the input supply can not be tolerated. Also needed to boost the inout voltages in the areas where the supply from the Grid has challenges in maintaining proper power supply.


  • A7) Power Harmonics and power factor studies of the entire facility and also of the equipment installed; also offer solutions to correct the same. PIC: PCABS

    We offer OSPL range of powerfactor Filters both IGBT and capacitor based to our industrial customers. We are also experts in Power factor and harmonics studies of any establishment and design specific solutions to correct the same.


  • A8) We also offer battery chargers for charging of batteries for  power plants etc. besides 48V power supplies for telecom applications.

    We offer battery chargers in 24V, 48V and 110V in various power capacities to take care of any requirement be it in Power Companies, railways etc. We also offer redundant 48 V DC supplies for all telecommunication applivations alongwith with battery banks,


  • A9) We have our own range of monitoring devices for UPS systems…can be installed at remote locations like a guard room..where the UPS parameters can be monitored.

    We have a host of monitoring solutions be it a remote UPS monitoring systems or the complete energy monitoring system  on IP network or at  the electric panel level.


  • A10) We have phase sequence correctors useful for three phase UPS systems to avoid UPSs taking power from batteries on account of a change in the input phases of the Main supply. We offer a product range suitable for UPSs of the capacities of  10Kva upto about 300 Kva. PIC: phase-sequence-correctors


  • A11) We fabricate all ranges of Static and manual switches to power critical applications through alternate power sources. PIC: Manual Switch; PIC: STS

    We have a range of static or Network power switches starting from Single phase 16AMP to take care of redundancy for critical applications. Also offer Automatic transfer switches for Generator applications and for alternate power sources.


  • A12) We offer surge protection devices from Phoenix (Germany) and Merson (France) to protect sensitive and important electronic and IT equipments from Power Surges and transients. PIC: Surge-Protection-Devices