D.System Integration division.

We have done hundreds of projects to integrate IT/Power/security/Fire and environment requirements of our large customers..

D1. IT/AV/Telecom Network deployment

Have done tens of projects in IT/AV and telecom segments…have a team in place to implement projects of any size. Have an active association  with CISCO/Barco/TCS etc to help us in this business segment. PIC: ITAVTM

Experienced in Data Network design, structured cabling including optic Fibre; Racks and PDUs, Audio Visual Solutions and conference rooms, Security solutions, design and installation of cctv networks, design and implementation of the entire electric infrastructure, Power conditioning and Precision Airconditioning for environment control. PIC: DEPC

D2. We have experience in design and installation of the passive part of the entire data centre, including: PIC: Data Centers/Server

  1. Data Cabling
  2. Electric Infrastructure including panel, cabling, redundancy etc
  3. UPSs and Battery banks
  4. Environment Control/Precision Air Conditioning
  5. Security Systems like Access Control, CCTV etc..
  6. Monitoring Systems.
  7. We offer an integrated Data Centre solution as a Smart Cabinet and a Smart Row from Vertiv/Emerson. PIC: ESCS

D3. Facility Integration Services…We have a large and experienced  team to put up an entire E&M infrastructure at a work facility be it the  IT Network, Security like CCTV, Attendance System, Fire Alarm and Control Systems, Air Conditioning etc.

We also offer maintenance and support services for the entire facility at most of the city locations in the country. We take the entire responsibility of maintaining, servicing, monitoring, data management of assets..be it UPSs/Battery Banks, Airconditioning Infra, CCTV, Access Control..the entire E&M infrastructure of the customer ..offer a single window solution to run a facility seamlessly and efficiently.

D4. We offer special Precision Controlled Airconditioning for data centres, server rooms, Telecom Control Centres, IT Networks, Food Industry etc…

We have already done tens  of critical sites offering redundant Precision Airconditioning Solutions to ensure precise environment for the critical hardware and applications.