How to Fix HP Printer ‘User Intervention Required’ Error | Steps

HP Printer user intervention error code in this there are many reasons for cause of the error is weak printer connectivity. HP Printers are one of the best leading and foremost company for the printers, which are giving quality in best and affordable prices and still do not affect your pocket at all because in affordable and reasonable rate you get superior quality. So, it is quite common that every machine, devices, tools broken and some defect are present in the printer and operating system.

HP Printer User Intervention Required Error

So, your HP Printers can also damage and collapse in the Printer without any announcement. We are helping you out in every manner printer help is always guiding us. Printer not working, so it gives trouble in the middle of work. Most of the printer error can be resume by your own by simply following the directions step by step. In this, we are discussing the HP Printer User Intervention Error.

Steps for HP Printer “User Intervention Required” Error –

HP Printer User Intervention Error can arise due to various reasons. Printer error in the Printer it is because of paper jam in Printer, falsify print commands when you give print jobs. When Your Printer not working due to first, assure that your printer cable is appropriately interconnecting to the computer and Printer.

The printer scanner can scan your documents if you functionally place the paper. So, here are the below-mentioned steps to resume the error.

Step 1 –

• Examine the glimmer lights and error notifications.

• Now, Survey on the control panel for any error note or the winking lights.

• If there is no blinking in the lights like on and off automatically on the control panel, then you can skip this step and further go to next.

• If there is error pop up on the control panel or any light is winking then first you have to try out and remove the already error. After removing the error message on the control panel resume the Printer. If the error still in the line, then further go to the next step.

Step 2- Go to the HP Printer and Scan Doctor

HP Printer and Scanning doctor can recognise and sort out printing and scanning errors. Printer scanner not functioning sometimes because of complete drivers not installed on the computer. Download Print and Scan Doctor from the internet and go for it further. Printer pause when your Printer is in offline mode, so it doesn’t perform the printing commands. Printer help when you don’t know how to function the task every time you don’t call advisor so you also learn about the necessary information about the Printer so instantly you can solve it.

Follow the below directions appears on the screen. The HP printer and Scan Doctor is known for spontaneously searching and attaching the printer issue. Printer scanner makes sure that the scanner accurately installed and switch on. After the run finished, try to give a test print from the system.

If the trouble still showing then go to the further next step.

Step 3- Clear the pending print files.

First, of all, erase all the awaiting print files. Sometimes the awaiting print files might get manipulate and result in the error saying user intervention required. When you are printing the documents automatically printer pause state showing on the screen. Remove all the pending print files from the queue and resuming the Printer may remove the error sometimes.

Step 4- Restart The Print Spool Device.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to restart the Print Spool Device:

1. Power off the Printer.

2. On the Windows icon bar, choose the Start and then select Control Panel.

3. On the control panel, choose Performance and continuance.

4. Now, unlock the Administrative devices.

5. Step number 2, 3 & 4 may not be needed for Windows XP. For them, straightly, find for services in the search bar under the start menu.

6. Now, choose Print Spooler and right-click on it.

7. After, tap on stop to stop the print spooler.

8. Now, click Start to resume the print spooler.

9. Tap on ‘OK.’

10. Pursue the computer.

11. Resume the Printer.

12. Now, give a try to test print so that printer error & complications should have resolved by this procedure.

So all these above four steps surely help you out with ”How to Fix HP Printer User Intervention Required” Error. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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